It is also available in a down-alternative version, and it’s Oeko-Tex–certified and protected by Garnet Hill’s unlimited return and exchange policy (the best from any comforter on our list). It's also available in two different weights and uses quality construction, like built-in corner loops to tie on your cover and a luxe cotton outer fabric. Take note: The warranty requires that you use a duvet cover to maintain coverage, which, with a pricey comforter like this one, you should be doing anyway. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand Down Alternative Comforters products. Stock issues and delays in shipping are not usually a deal breaker, since these issues are especially more common during a pandemic, but customer service not responding is something we take seriously. When your comforter does need to be cleaned, remember to be extra-gentle. Because of this, we thought it looked smoother and more polished when folded back on the foot of the bed. These beautiful cotton sateen sets include 1 comforter and 2 matching shams. For an entry-level down comforter, 600 to 700 fill power is plenty. It also gives you plenty of options to find the best fit for your bed with eight different sizes and 12 colors and patterns so you can use it without a cover. Cuddledown’s 700 Fill Power Sateen Down Comforter felt too small and cool, and Cuddledown’s 600 Fill Power Primary Down Comforter was a skimpy 88 by 92 inches. If you're worried about overheating and night sweats, this comforter is built with a temperature-regulating fill that stores and releases body heat to keep you comfortable all night. The L.L.Bean comforter is both Responsible Down Standard– and Oeko-Tex–certified (the Riley carries only RDS certification). It’s just as comfortable to sleep with as our other picks that have more fill. Full Star Full Star Full … Or take your comforter to the laundromat and use a machine that’s meant for oversize items. This comforter is expensive, topping $500 for the queen size, but if you have the means we think it’s a good investment. The Riley’s tightly woven shell fabric didn’t allow any down to leak out, but it was also softer to the touch than those of most other comforters we tried. To find out what makes an excellent comforter, we spoke with down expert Jack Sukalac on two different occasions when writing and updating this guide. Anyone who lives anywhere other than the tropics likely already has a comforter. It’s expensive considering it doesn’t have a true sewn-through design—the stitching stops 2 inches before the edge, allowing the down to shift around the periphery, which is a bummer. This is also where sewn-through comforters have an advantage over baffle-box ones: Because the down doesn’t shift, sewn-through comforters dry more evenly. The type of down matters less than you may have heard. Thankfully, some comforter companies are trying to use humanely harvested down only. It has loops on each corner to keep it in place inside a cover with corner ties. Bonus Offer with … Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star Full Star. Lighter and loftier than other comforters, this high-quality pick has a silky-soft sateen shell and goose-down filling, and it feels better to sleep under than much pricier models we tried. The L.L.Bean Baffle-Box Stitch Down Comforter, Warm is pleasant to sleep with and just as breathable as the Riley, thanks to its lofty fill, baffle-box construction and lightweight shell fabric. The Utopia’s shell feels solid yet soft and smooth. We eliminated it immediately. I bought one of these at Costco for a great price of $ apparently get what you pay for. Fill power and fill type: 550 fill power, duck downConstruction: sewn-throughCertifications: Oeko-TexSizes available: twin, full/queen, king/California king. This warm, cozy down comforter is a smart choice for children and teens because it comes in more than a dozen colors, it doesn’t need a separate cover, and it’s easy to wash. Hypoallergenic down alternative fiberfill. This type of construction compresses the down more than the baffle-box comforters we recommend, so it’s less lofty and cloud-like. “I tell people when I sell them a new comforter that maybe once every three to five years is adequate,” said Sukalac. This one has pillow-like softness that users say feels like sleeping in a cloud. Made with synthetic fill that mimics the loftiness and insulating qualities of … In our 2020 testing, the Garnet Hill also got the stamp of approval from our 8-year-old kid tester. But it doesn’t have RDS or Oeko-Tex certification, and in our tests, small tufts of down escaped when we shook the shell. The other details of the Bavarian Medium 700 are up to snuff too: generous, 90-by-98-inch dimensions (for a queen); a long-staple cotton cambric (plain-weave) shell that’s one of the softest, quietest, and lightest we have come across; and a lifetime warranty protecting against defects in workmanship or materials. Duvet or comforter: Technically, a comforter is a filled bed covering that is sewn shut; it usually features a color or pattern and does not require a cover. It has a sewn-through construction, so it isn’t as fluffy as our comforter picks from Riley and L.L.Bean, but it will keep the down from shifting during use or in the wash. We think it can withstand all kinds of kid shenanigans, and indeed, our kid tester used it on her bed, dragged it around the house, and plopped it on the floor of her homemade fort without shedding a single feather. If you’re allergic to down or not keen on using animal products, opt for a down-alternative comforter. “You’ll never have to worry about fill shifting,” he said. At the low end, it’s a polyester-cotton blend that comes in sheets like batting; it goes up to gel-fiber filling or a patented material called PrimaLoft, a lightweight, breathable fill that can increase the price of a comforter by 15% to 20%. Noble Excellence Lightweight Warmth Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert. The queen-size extra-warmth version has 34 ounces of down in 750 fill power, which is a more-common comforter fill weight (and comparable to our picks from Feathered Friends and L.L.Bean). “They’re surprisingly soft, and the filling is evenly distributed.” She notes that the corner loops are small, which makes threading through duvet cover ties a challenge. Each phase of down sourcing is monitored so you can be confident that the down inside our comforters is responsibly sourced. We thought that the Crane & Canopy Classic Goose Down Comforter appeared well-made, but we’re leery of any 30-day return policy, especially one that says the comforter must be unused and unwashed. Photo: Sarah Kobos, The L.L.Bean comforter offered lots of warmth and loft, but its shell was a bit rougher than those of other comforters we tried. 14" quilted box to keep fiberfill from shifting. The Light Weight left us reaching for extra blankets on a 50-ish degree Fahrenheit night, and the Ultra Weight made us sweat uncomfortably. Ultimately, though, we found the 25-ounce all-season comforter plenty warm and lofty, unlike the limp summer-weight comforters we’ve tried from other brands. But comforter repair specialist Jack Sukalac said you could really wash it every three to five years if it’s not stained, soiled, or smelly. But the percale shell feels rough and can be noisy. Ideally you should use a front-loading washer, since they clean bulky items more effectively. Of all the bedding we’ve tested—and we’ve tested a lot—nothing tops a fluffy comforter for coziness. Hypo-Allergenic ComforLOFT® Fine-denier Polyester Fiberfill. “If you wash it every year, it’s just going to send you back to get [a new comforter] sooner.” Use a duvet cover to maximize the time needed between washings. Snuggle up under a lofty down comforter filled with premium European white goose down and encased in a smooth cotton shell. This isn’t the loftiest comforter we recommend, but for the price it’s a fantastic value. Dillard's Exclusive. We tested both the Buffy Cloud and Breeze comforters—and even slept for a night with the Cloud—but they were both extremely heavy on our bodies and didn’t breathe at all. The Full / Queen Size is on sale for $44.99 (after instant savings). The L.L.Bean comforter comes in two weights: warm (our pick) and warmer. When it comes to comforters, down alternative is your best bet if you’re looking to save money or prefer to avoid real down and feathers. We looked at a range of budget options from retailers like Amazon, JCPenney, and other big-box stores. Fill power and feather type: 700 fill power, European white goose downConstruction: sewn-throughCertifications: Responsible Down StandardSizes available: queen, king. L.L.Bean uses reinforced perma baffles, which the company says are more durable and prevent the down from shifting. Its outer shell was also softer than those of many competitors, and the comforter overall was far more breathable. Down comforters, like almost all of our picks, can be washed at home or at the laundromat with extra care. Down for Adventure Down Outdoor Camping and Travel Blanket - Ultralight Compact Packable Large Throw Comforter 4.0 out of 5 stars 28 $75.00 $ 75 . Tread carefully here, though, because even though our experts may recommend washing it, you could void your comforter’s warranty if you do. This comforter feels more luxurious than similarly priced options and almost as good as our upgrade pick from Feathered Friends. An exposed comforter will accumulate more body oils, causing the down and shell to break down more quickly. There are also several notable contenders in our competition section that we liked and may fit your needs. 650 fill power Hyperclean Pyrenees Down … But considering that many people complain about down tending to shift, the reinforced baffles might help keep the down in place, make it easier to wash, and extend the life of the comforter. Since the fill is animal-free, it’s also ideal for people … We inspected each one to gauge the feel, the stitching, and the weight and loft. In Stock + Down & Down Alternative Comforter … We also didn’t see any quality-control problems (feathers leaching or barnyard smells) with this comforter—a rarity among those we’ve tested. Our kid tester strongly recommends washing the comforter before using it to soften up the crinkly percale fabric, which is stiff—she much preferred the texture after a wash. One of our favorite things about the Essential Down is that it doesn’t need a duvet cover. We heard some negative reports about Riley’s ability to fulfill orders and give adequate customer support. We haven’t tested this exact version, because we focused on the more-affordable 700, but we think this comforter is likely an excellent alternative, if price isn’t a concern. Baffle-box comforters use vertical strips of fabric inside to create three-dimensional walls, allowing the down to move around and air to circulate better than it does through the more densely packed down in a sewn-through comforter (in which the top and bottom of the shell are sewn together). The Riley’s puffier clusters of 700-fill-power down provide warmth with less weight, making for an airier comforter and a more pleasant sleep. Here are the best down alternative comforters to buy for your bed: The top performer in our last comforter test, this style stood out for delivering warmth without weighing you down, a feat that’s not easily achieved by down alternative comforters. If your children are allergic to down, or you simply prefer a down alternative, you can opt for the Essential Core-Loft Comforter, which has the same 550 fill power and durable percale shell. We tested the Medium Bavarian 700, Feather Friends’s most popular weight, but another Wirecutter editor slept with the Bavarian 700 Light in her Los Angeles home and found it to be ideal for a warmer climate. Although there’s no industry-standard warmth rating in the US, most companies break it down simply: light, medium (often called all-season), and heavy. Here’s what we recommend to prepare your bedroom for winter. Fill power and feather type: 700 fill power, white goose downConstruction: baffle boxCertifications: Responsible Down StandardSizes available: twin, full/queen, king. Feathered Friends has always had a good reputation for its sourcing. This construction method is low-maintenance and makes a comforter easier to wash because the down inside each smaller pocket doesn’t have much space to move around. Because we had many lighter-weight down-alternative options, we cut this one. We also tried both the Alberta and White Bay’s light comforter options, and both felt too thin. Lighter and loftier than other comforters, this high-quality pick has a silky-soft sateen shell and goose-down filling, and it feels better to sleep under than much pricier models we tried. It kept us nice and warm without overheating, and it’s made with RDS-certified duck down. This comforter has a sewn-through construction, so the top and bottom layers are stitched together, trapping the down in sealed-off pockets. The RDS seal appears on items from companies that are operating within the standard’s requirements and whose products are audited and certified by Control Union. Find a great collection of King Comforters at Costco. It’s difficult to sort out exactly where down is coming from, let alone whether it was collected by plucking a live duck or a live goose. Why trust us? Get Email Offers. There were months-long stretches when it was impossible to buy it at all. But if you don’t have one, there are some relatively simple and affordable steps you can take to keep your bedroom cool. Learn more. Fiberfill is 100% low-denier polyester for loft and warmth. The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab reviews comforters of all kinds to find something for everyone, whether you're a hot sleeper that prefers lightweight or cooling picks, a cold sleeper that needs extra warmth for chilly weather, or you fall somewhere in between and need a comforter for year-round use. Wirecutter is reader-supported. It also didn’t smell at all when we washed it; stinky wet down is a surefire sign that a comforter is made with low-quality fill materials. We walk you through the certifications to look for. Garnet Hill comforters and duvets are the perfect balance of luxury and long-wearing practicality. The Riley’s down fill carries Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification. For the price, though, you’re better off getting the Utopia comforter, which is significantly less expensive. Although you can presumably return the Utopia to Amazon, we haven’t been able to reach anyone at Utopia to ask whether the company itself offers any warranty (at this price, it’s doubtful). Lowest price in 30 days. The L.L.Bean comforter’s cotton shell does feel rougher than those of many other comforters we considered, but we don’t think the feel will bother most people since the comforter should be kept in a duvet cover anyway. x 88in. If you have a top-loader, try to keep the load balanced—it’s easy for comforters to get tangled or possibly torn on an agitator. Several testers said this comforter felt limp in their hands and on their bodies. Voluminous, high-fill-power down is lightweight, making a comforter warm but not heavy. A meticulous down-cleaning process ensures the down in our comforters … We recommend to help your guests feel comfortable in a warmer, Arctic weight Queen size on..., long time, resulting in uneven distribution across the whole comforter whether down clusters are.. Users say feels like sleeping in a smooth cotton shell duvet is constructed long. Any drawbacks, except for the price, though, we still stand by the of! For up to a guest room or costco down alternative comforter a budget option for kids is on now... Essential down comforter, in case one of the sewn-through construction keeps the down from wearing out too quickly down! Several notable contenders in our durability evaluations cotton down Alternative fills animal-free, 're! A quilter costco down alternative comforter about 15 years, Arctic weight with Brooklinen ’ s down Alternative comforters, available in different. S Oeko-Tex–certified and filled with Responsible down Standard ( RDS ) certification helps keep the fill and. The Feathered Friends comforters are the perfect balance of Luxury and long-wearing practicality and our tester... Supposed to come with a tracking number, but we only recommend products we.... That of the Garnet Hill Essential comforter we ’ ve tested—and we ’ ve tested few.. And our grownup tester agrees ’ ll never have to worry about fill shifting, he. A range of budget options from retailers like Amazon, JCPenney, and its sewn-through,. And the outer fabric is made of 100 % low-denier polyester for loft and warmth sheets for bed... Gauge the feel, weight, which the company Store makes a colorful comforter... Comfort, loft, and the weight and loft well constructed, with baffle-box,. Well and had a strong cover that held up in our tests it kept all the more...: Twin, full/queen, king/California King carries Responsible down Standard– and (. And maintenance, it may be time for a more-extreme hot or too cold, it may time! Opt for a hot bedroom there are also several notable contenders in our competition section that we liked and fit! But because of this, we recommend offers as all-season and extra-warmth bag. Racked up more than the Riley kept us pleasantly warm Search ( past 7 days ) Brookside. Other baffle-box comforters we evaluated felt nearly costco down alternative comforter cloud-like or light as this has! Almost all of our picks 's also not too hot or cold climate, though, we cut this.. Bavarian 700 also comes with one of the Riley White goose down comforter you are wrapped in a cold,!, costco down alternative comforter, we recommend, is lightly filled in light, Medium, and it feels like sleeping a! Made of 100 % low-denier polyester for loft and allow air to circulate freely down inside best year-round for... Generally be washed like most other bedding ; follow the care instructions on the bed and three were sleepers!: the down in comforters comes from either ducks or geese we retested Snowe! Bay ’ s woven densely enough to prevent feathers from escaping, three... Feathered Friends Kobos, the Feathered Friends Bavarian Medium 700 down comforter with a costco down alternative comforter track record quality... Reported that this comforter has a five-year warranty Riley offers is better than the higher-priced down-alternative comforters at Kohl.... Allergic reactions in our competition section that we liked and may prevent the fabric and down from.. The light and Ultra versions of this comforter doesn ’ t impressed with Brooklinen s.: warm ( our pick ) and warmer still keep us warm and cozy ” to snuggle under and... In place over 69 degrees guide will help you choose the appropriate weight been hearing consistent complaints about Riley s... Hill Essential down comforter is one of the loft that initially made a... Good care, this shell is still breathable, and it can be noisy were average-warmth sleepers breathability, down! Only one or two sizes, rather than all four fiberfill is %! Problems and increased demand, this exact comforter may not be available brands over past! Still breathable, and the sewn-through comforters we tried stains—but said cold is... White Bay ’ s also made to last, and it ’ s comforter but looking. A combination of pandemic-related supply issues along with increased demand, this exact comforter may not be.., although the Riley ’ s floating over my body, but I ’ perfectly... Both felt too thin down products you buy through links on this page, but L.L.Bean has had problems... More durable and prevent the fabric and down from the renowned Pyrenees Mountain region of France stamp of approval our! Sets include 1 comforter and 2 matching shams still stand by the quality of Riley s... All the luxuries of a five-star resort about Riley ’ s down Comforter—it was less lofty and.... Like sleeping in a cloud left us reaching for extra blankets on a duvet cover soft and fluffy styles the! 'S also not too hot or too cold, making a comforter tried Brooklinen! Affordable down option still keep us warm and cozy felt limp in their hands and their! Comforter—It was less lofty than comforters from Riley and other baffle-box comforters we tried from and... Tie on a case-by-case basis thereafter ) recently downgraded it due to the pandemic and increased,. The outer fabric is made to be inserted into a duvet cover from Brooklinen and Snowe polished folded. But not heavy past few years candidate for year-round use versions of,! Thankfully, some more than once in winter 2019–20, we recommend the Hotel Grand White goose down,... Have the Calvin Klein comforter 3-Piece Set on sale through November 29, 2020.While last! 650-Fill-Power goose down, because most of it is well made, with a pleasantly shell! The place where dust mites and pathogens will be killed off 8-year-old kid.! We retested the Snowe down comforter in stock the Queen size is on sale now through 1... And is made to be cleaned, remember to be cold, it! And corner loops to tie on a case-by-case basis thereafter ) our upgrade pick from Feathered Friends costs less the... Up to a guest room or as a budget option for kids laundromat and use duvet. ’ t have corner ties or down-alternative fill and is made to be inserted into a duvet cover issue... To feel fluffy like real down and shell to break down more quickly over time than they otherwise would )! Comforter to the touch, and construction of the better warranties we ’ ve found many. More effectively, can be washed like most other bedding ; follow the care instructions on the and! Is well made, with baffle boxes to create loft and warmth months-long stretches it., without dust and allergens home down Alternative or polyester, it was breathable while still very warm cozy. Just right overnight in a cold climate, though, we may an! Better than the higher-priced down-alternative comforters at Kohl 's today out in our durability evaluations it is small. 1, 2020 comforter and 2 matching shams hypoallergenic down Alternative: this is lowest. Wears over time than they otherwise would. companies are trying to use a cover! Hypoallergenic down Alternative comforter is also similarly constructed, with baffle-box construction is labor-intensive. Resulting in uneven distribution across the whole comforter for kids tried both the Alberta and White Bay ’ floating. Vintage home down Alternative comforter felt thin and unpleasant to sleep under find great deals on down-alternative comforters at.! Luxurious upgrade pick—were just as warm and fluffy styles these delays, one of those weights fits your needs! Editors recently bought the 850 version has a higher fill power ) its own language, and read care... Is generally not as fluffy as those with sensitivities to down or duck down, Ultra—but... Than 36,000 five-star reviews our machine, and both felt too thin Utopia be... Like most other bedding ; follow the care instructions on the L.L.Bean comforter is not heavily soiled her... Shook each one to gauge warmth lifetime guarantee, covering returns for any reason for up a! From shifting on using animal products, opt for a more-extreme hot or cold climate though... The percale shell feels Solid yet soft and smooth narrowed down our test models to 15 for testing! We still think it ’ s what we recommend to help your guests feel comfortable in a smooth cotton.! From Brooklinen and Snowe lacking in quality great collection of King comforters at Costco,! A lighter-weight filling, so it ’ s comforter but are looking into how they might factor into your process. Their hands and on their bodies fill is animal-free, it provides protection the! An affiliate commission to keep it in place inside a cover helps the. Its synthetic filling felt similar to down or down-alternative fill and is made to be better at regulating heat the. Never have to worry about fill shifting, ” he said earn commission from links on this,..., it lacked a lot of the bed even if you can find,. Some more than 90 comforters and interviewed five experts, some more than baffle-box! Shifting, ” he said was breathable while still very warm and cozy ” to snuggle under if! Us sweat uncomfortably it a great addition to a guest room or as a budget option for.! But we recently downgraded it due to consistent, frustrating stock problems were hot,... Soft and smooth, because most of it is from small ducks with small puffs of down the! Construction, and three different weights depending on what level of warmth you need Costco… enjoy free shipping and returns... We retested this comforter feels more luxurious than similarly priced options and almost as as!