What's the matter? Adventure: That's it, boy! Fantasy: (Gasps) What are you doing, grabbing me like that and messing up my pantyhose? I ain't afeared of nothing! Fantasy: You've got to fight to make a wish come true. Mr. Dewey: (pulls out a library card) You do now. Narrator: The motion picture experience that will open your eyes to all the treasures the imagination can hold. Narrator: This is only the beginning. Narrator: Warner Bros. Family Entertainment invite you to join Macaulay Culkin on an incredible journey into the wondrous world of The Pagemaster. The Pagemaster took three years to produce; the animation in the film was produced by Turner Feature Animation, headed by David Kirschner and recently spun off from Hanna-Barbera. Narrator: Right now, he's away from drawing while the most magical film of 1994 is in production. Narrator: Macaulay Culkin, as you never seen him before... Narrator: In a world where imagination runs wild. What's the matter? The sword is seen floating down to Richard Tyler, who watches it in amazement. Narrator: Producer David Kirschner, who brought you An American Tail, Once Upon a Forest, and Hocus Pocus, joins director Joe John of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, and the world's most creative animation designers to bring you an incredible world where Richard Tyler must conquer his own fears. Mr. Dewey: Welcome, young man. Narrator: And bring back the ultimate pride... Fantasy: You've got to fight to make a wish come true. (Richard grabs the pirate sword from the beach to threaten Silver). Only by overcoming his fears can he escape the keeper of the books. Door de film You're in need of... Narrator: He's in a world where imagination runs wild. (Thunderclap) Grunkle Stan: You're in A young boy who is afraid of everything goes out to get something for his dad, who is building him a tree house. Get The Pagemaster DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer and movie stats. Richard Tyler: Hang on, guys! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Fantasy: We're in the presence of the Pagemaster. Narrator: From the creator of An American Tail. Go for the gizzard! We're looking at an eleven percent probability here. The Dragon is one of the four main antagonists (along with Mr. Hyde, Captain Ahab, and Long John Silver)of 20th Century Fox's 1994 live action animated fantasy film The Pagemaster. Your library card, please? Aah!). Narrator: Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with The Pagemaster. Pessimistic 10-year-old Richard Tyler (Macaulay Culkin) lives life based on statistics and fears everything. And the moment he gets, the storm clouds unleashes a magical sword with a thunderclap. Pagemaster RIP6500 CPU Intel Xeon 2.8GHz 2CPU メモリー 2GB(DDR2/400MHz) ハードディスク 36GB(15,000rpm U320SCSI) 73GB(15,000rpm U320SCSI) ドライブ CD-RW/DVD-ROM(48X) フロッピーディスク 1.44MB OS Long John Silver: There's should be Treasure Island! The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water Trailer, The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration Trailer, Dr. Seuss Animated Classics (2003 Trailer), Disneyland Paris - Space Mountain 1995 VHS UK Advert, Opening to The Sword in the Stone 1995 UK VHS, Opening & Closing To The Sword In The Stone UK VHS(1989), Opening & Closing To The Sword In The Stone UK VHS(1989)-0, Opening & Closing To The Sword In The Stone UK VHS(1989)-1, 101 Dalmatians (1996) Home Video Trailers, (A thunderclap and some lightning effect before Richard woke up from his dream in his bedroom during the stormy night). He meets Mr. Dewey (Christopher Lloyd), an eccentric libr… 1 Cast: 2 Chapters: 3 Movie used: 4 Clips from Movies used: 5 Voices: 6 Special Thanks: 7 Dedicated to: 8 Gallery: Richard Tyler (Live-Action)-Mowgli (The Jungle Book) Richard Tyler (Animated)-Fievel (An American Tail) Alan and Claire Tyler (Richard's Parents) … THE PAGEMASTER Clip - "The End" (1994) Macauley Culkin PLOT: A storm forces frightened Richard Tyler (Macaulay Culkin) inside a nearby library for shelter. (Richard grunts as he strikes the dragon's tail with his sword). Look, it's Richie Tyler. And the way to experience the joy of reading is to pick up a book, open it and lose yourself in its pages. Teaser Trailer (Turner Pictures Worldwide), Theatrical/VHS Trailer (Turner Pictures Worldwide). (Richard attacks the Dragon with his sword). Long John Silver: You wouldn't happen to be going after me treasure now. Narrator: Warner Bros. Family Entertainment invite you to take an advanced peek at the biggest holiday event of 1994, starring Macaulay Culkin as you've never seen him before. Horror: Of, of... (Roaring) And... Aaaaaaaaaah! (Moby roars as he grabs Richard, Adventure, Fantasy and Horror's rowboat in his teeth). Narrator: And under the watchful eye of the Pagemaster, Richard must battle his way through the world's classic adventure. Horror: Aaaaaaah! Narrator: And into a world where imagination runs wild. And... (makes a creepy laughter) And... (imitates a woman's scream and collapses, holding a flower). (We now see a close-up shot at the magic sword floating down, and then Richard grabbing it and holding it in the air with the camera zooming away from him). Narrator: In a world of Richard Tyler, danger is everywhere. I brought you here to face your own fears. Trama Pagemaster - L'avventura meravigliosa streaming ita: Richard Tyler è un bambino cervellone di 10 anni, con la fobia di ogni cosa. The transcript of the trailers for Twentieth Century Fox and Turner Pictures' The Pagemaster (1994). Lá encontra Pagemaster, o mestre da fantasia, que o leva por uma viagem encantada com seus amigos, Aventura, Fantasia e Terror, pelas páginas dos livros. With Macaulay Culkin, Christopher Lloyd, Kanin Howell, Alexis Kirschner. Follow me. Reading is the fun, not the treatment. VER TRAILER The Pagemaster Título Original: The Pagemaster Año: 1994 Duración: 80 mins. I brought you here to face your own fears. Girl: Hey, guys. Narrator: And Christopher Lloyd as the Pagemaster himself. Adventure: Ha! (A thunderclap when Richard runs through the shelves of books), (Yet another thunderclap when the live-action Richard Tyler looks at his own hand, and the various clips from the uncut workprint version of, (Richard Tyler screams as he, Adventure and Fantasy are terrified at the first glimpse of the unseen Horror in front of Dr. Jekyll's house), (Clip: Macaulay Culkin recording his voice for Richard in the animation sequences). And... Narrator: Together, they'll face every challenge. The transcript of the trailers for Twentieth Century Fox and Turner Pictures' The Pagemaster (1994). The film was produced by Turner Pictures and Hanna-Barbera and released by 20th Century Fox on … Richard Tyler: Eight percent of all household accidents involve ladders. Trailer Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Narrator: Experience the wonder, share the laughter and discover the magic... (Coming to Theaters Everywhere Christmas 1994). Theatrical Trailers: No.1 Theatrical Trailer [480i] [1:04] and No.2 Theatrical Trailer [480i] [1:02] Finally, ‘The Pagemaster’ is technically a film that is to me an unqualified triumph. Narrator: And into a place where imagination runs wild. 1 Transcript 2 Sneak Peek (Late 2015-Early 2016) 3 Teaser Trailer 4 Original Trailer #1 5 Original Trailer #2 6 DVD/Blu-ray Trailer (March 2017) Narrator: From the creator of An American Tail.